Washboard abs

Sounds a bit far-fetched and ironic but washboard abs are something many people seek in gym programs, machine training, bodybuilding, supplements administration and more. There is something funny in this way of referring to the six pack, because it only points out to how eager people are to imitate the nice look of celebrities or the perfect bodies of professional athletes without even thinking what it takes to shape the body in such a way.
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Normally washboard abs are built by combining nutrition with a training program, a balanced lifestyle and plenty of rest, or by combining physical workout with the administration of steroids.

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Ultimate Abs

The ultimate abs are best reflected on the cover of bodybuilding and fitness magazines. Abdominal flatness becomes a major objective for anyone going to the gym, and why not the six pack too? The issue is that so far, there is no clear cut path towards the ultimate abs, and even professional trainers have different opinions and various approaches to muscle training. The common grounds on which they work is made up of a well-rounded routine with a variety of consistent exercises. Thus, from the standard crunches and sit ups, fitness experts have developed such variations that allow for angle moves, versatility and efficiency of training.

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Toning abs

Abdominal muscles are very responsive to training, and in normal conditions the shaping of these muscles so as to create the famous six pack should not be that difficult. Unfortunately, weight loss is usually the main objective of abdominal exercises because people don’t know that spot reduction is not possible. The storing of fat in the mid section of the body is very common at all ages, although people in their forties are the most exposed to it. Many overweight people who start doing sit ups and crunches believe that they will reduce this fat around the waistline, but they are wrong. Nevertheless, the results mainly include the toning of the abs and not the excessive stripping of fat deposits.

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Perfect Abs

When doing lots of crunches and sit ups on a common basis, the normal expectation is to get some perfect abs with a flat stomach and a nice six pack. Even so, your look depends not only on the amount of physical training but also on a combination of genetic factors and physiognomy features that have an immense influence on appearance. Normally, a thinner or thicker layer of fat covers the abdominal muscles. The muscles can’t be spotted when the fat deposits are too large, and thus the six-pack fight becomes a weight loss challenge.

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Muscular abs

The ideal six pack that defines a nice abdomen represents the ultimate fitness achievement in abdominal training. Muscular abs incite us from the pages of magazines, the TV screens or the web pages we visit on the Internet. Muscular abs look great, but they take time and effort to build. Normally, bodybuilders or those who perform advanced core training will be the first to develop muscular abs, but the achievement seems impossible for lots of individuals. A flat and firm abdomen does not mean the same thing as muscular abs. The increase of the muscle mass and the shaping of the abdomen according to such beauty criteria takes special efforts, but without the guarantee of success.

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How to get good abs

The flattening of abdomen and the training of the core muscles depend on crunches and sit ups. The number of injuries or the inefficiency of the exercises nevertheless indicate that many people don’t know how to do sit ups correctly. Here are a few tips about how to do sit ups at the gym or at home without any risk and with great effects.

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How to do situps

Sit ups and crunches represent traditional exercises used for training the core muscles and flattening the abdomen. The problem is that many people don’t know how to do sit ups correctly, which would explain either the inefficiency of the exercises or the number of injuries resulting from them. Here are some suggestions about how to do sit ups at home or at the gym without any risk and with great effects.

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Flat abs

Flat abs and a six pack really look great, but they make a solid fitness achievement only by hard and constant workout. If enthusiastic at the beginning of the training, chances are that you will get discouraged if the six pack fails to appear. Where is it? To make it clear, once and for all, flat abs are not the same thing with the six pack. When you get a flat abdomen, there is only muscle, no fat deposit left. Therefore, the toning of the muscles needs to follow or result from abdomen flatness, although this is not always possible. The fat burning process is complex and results from full body training not just from working the abs locally.

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Firm Abs

Firm abs and a flat abdomen is not always the same, contrary to what so many people believe. A beer belly for instance can very well camouflage firm abs, since abdominal workouts do not eliminate fat deposits. But let’s take things step by step! The benefits of muscular firmness are manifold and they start with the capacity of the body to keep a good posture and the ability of the system to cope with physical resistance demands and effort. Plus, firm abs will better protect the delicate internal organs.

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Effective situps

Sports practice and athletic training are subject to permanent evolution, and it’s no wonder that traditionally effective sit ups are not recognized as generally valid anymore. The essential move of the sit ups used to be the lifting of the torso from the lying position towards the bended knees. The lift is only partial at present, with no bending towards the knees and the firm tightening of the abdominal muscles. There are a few tricks to effective sit ups that you should be aware of.

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